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Platform presentation

The XI International Festival of School Teachers will take place in Elabuga from 17 to 19 August. Within the framework of the Festival Maxim Novikov, founder of the Joyteka.com platform, will present an updated platform and tell about the new format of each of the services: Educational game "Quest", Web service "Video", Intellectual game "Quiz", Game "Terms", Knowledge testing service "Test".

Platform updates

The platform is hardly recognizable - the name, the logo and the design have changed! There appeared many features you told us about. Let's go over each service briefly:

- Educational game "Quest"

Now you can add questions in the format of text, images, audio, as well as a test. You don't need to come up with a door code. The student's answer to each task will be immediately saved to your personal account.

- Web service "Video"

Now you can add questions in the format of not only text, but also images and audio. You can set the areas for filling when the video starts, as well as set the period when the video will be available for viewing, and much more.

- Intellectual game "Quiz"

There are no restrictions on the number of participants or the quiz topics. The quiz has become more colorful and easier to use.

- Game of "Terms"

You can now set the appearance of words in random order and write definitions of terms to display them after the game.

- Service for checking knowledge "Test"

The new service is an irreplaceable way to control the students’ knowledge. You can create different types of text and graphic questions, as well as set a timer for the entire test and each question.

For each of the services, you can order a certificate that will confirm your innovative potential in the teaching field.

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