Joyteka – Quizes for education

Quizes for education

Upload your own assignments for any discipline. Students will have to solve your tasks and try to score the highest number of points.
Learning by playing

Easy learning format - quiz

Use in classroom or extracurricular activities
The teacher needs a computer or an interactive whiteboard, and the students need any gadget with Internet access. Play with the students right in the lesson: repeat the material covered, give a quiz instead of the test, or use it as you like.
Create a quiz on different topics
Any number of topics, each of which has five questions. Upload questions depending on the difficulty. Each question can be worth from 100 to 500 points.
Engage students in a competitive process
Students will quickly become involved in the learning process by wanting to score the most.
How it works
Create an online quiz — fast and easy
Prepare and upload your assignments by topic
Load the graphics, text or audio tasks of different complexity on the necessary topics.
Conduct a quiz in the classroom or remotely
Tell the number of the quiz to the students so that they prepare the control panels - their phones or any gadgets with Internet access, and start the display of the scoreboard.
Order a certificate of the Game Teacher
Add to your portfolio a document confirming your ability to develop gaming educational programs.
The lesson in such format was very interesting for the students, they actively worked in a team and answered questions. And I understood which topics the students remember poorly, and which they know well.
At the end of the month, I always give a final lesson on the studied topics in a quiz format :)
It is convenient that you do not need to purchase additional equipment, since students' telephones serve as remote controls, and it was easy to track which command was the first to signal readiness to answer.
Excellent service - I use it even remotely! Easily create a lesson, broadcast the scoreboard in the zoom! Pupils are happy with this format and do not miss the lessons! Team work - with flying colours!!!
20 000+ teachers satisfied

Convenient for teachers, useful for students

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