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We are a team of active teachers, developers and students who are not indifferent to modern education.
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Who started it all
Joyteka founders
Who are we?
We are brother and sister: teacher-programmer and designer. Our mission is to help teachers make classes more fun and creative.
How it all began?
Several years ago, Maxim asked the question: “How to increase involvement and motivation in learning?”. The idea was to create a virtual computer science quest room. The students and teachers liked the quest so much that it was impossible to abandon the development of the project.
Joint development
Maxim invited his sister Tanya to draw website interfaces and quest rooms. Thanks to their joint efforts, one escape room has grown into a full-fledged platform for Joyteka online services, which are convenient, simple and attractive to use.
Support of like-minded people
To further improve the platform and add new features, we really need a team and user support. And we have it thanks to our game educators and people important to us! Let's read about them below!
Thank you
Joyteka assistants
Among the assistants are caring teachers and active children
Joyteka Team
Maxim Novikov
Joyteka founder, teacher
I program a lot and create new games and services for teachers that involve students in the learning process. Laureate of the competition "Teacher of the Year of Russia - 2018".
Tatiana Novikova
Joyteka Co-Founder, UX / UI Designer
I create a convenient and beautiful interface for the entire platform and services. I also design visuals for my Instagram account.
German Petr
Web developer
I develop dynamic web-pages, web-interfaces and implement methods of interaction with the server side.
Diana Sezemova
Graphic Designer
I draw stunningly beautiful quest rooms of any complexity. I do it diligently and with heart.
Abduvohid Sherboev
Web developer
I implement algorithms for the correct functioning of platform services.
Ekaterina Orekhova
UX / UI designer, CX-researcher
I design and create a platform design. I make sure that it is easy and pleasant for teachers and students to work with the services.
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